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Need to send packages quickly and safely to the Philippines from Canada?
JOHNNY AIR CARGO is now here!

JOHNNY AIR CARGO, the most trusted name in the United States in Air Parcel delivery to the Philippines, is now open in Canada!

After providing over 30 years of customer satisfaction in delivering packages to Metro Manila and the Provinces from the USA, Johnny Air Cargo has now opened a branch in Toronto, Ontario, at the center of the Filipino community near the corner of Bathurst St. and Wilson Avenue.

Our Services


Air Cargo Shipping and Delivery

Ship your packages by air to the Philippines and have it delivered to your recipient safely in as little as a week to ten days. This is perfect for care packages, holiday and birthday presents, as well as time sensitive documents.

Online Shopping

Shop Canada Online

Do you want to go shopping in Canada from the comfort of your home in the Philippines?


With Johnny Air Cargo Canada Shop Canada Online, now you can.  Whether you are in Canada or the Philippines, you can shop online at any Canadian website, have your item shipped to our Toronto office, and we will air ship this quickly, safely, and securely to your desired destination in the Philippines. We can even consolidate your orders into one shipment if you do multiple shopping. How convenient is that? Plus, because of the excellent exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar vs the US Dollar you may even save money by ordering from Canadian online sites versus US sites. 

Since our founding, Johnny Air Cargo has been known for quality service, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.


When it comes to quick and safe delivery, there's nothing like JOHNNY AIR CARGO CANADA!

Sige, Magpadala na kayo! 
Send your Packages to the Philippines NOW!   



306 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, ON M3H 1S8

Drop off packages at our new office at 306 Wilson Avenue and have them delivered to your loved ones or recipients' house in the Philippines within a week to ten days.

Unable to come personally to drop off your package? No problem.  Mail it to us!

Send your package to us from anywhere in Canada through Canada Post, UPS, or any other delivery service and we will pack and air ship this to the Philippines at the least possible cost. Our rates start at $9 per lbs. with a minimum of only 2 lbs.!

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