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Air Cargo Shipping and Delivery

Need to send a package to the Philippines quickly?

Johnny Air Cargo is your best choice. We have been shipping packages from the USA to the Philippines by air for over 30 years. In that time, we have grown from a small company dedicated to shipping packages as its primary business, to an international corporation with branches in the East Coast and West Coast as well as Metro Manila and the Provinces. 

Today, Johnny Air Cargo has expanded to providing services for travel, remittance, and sea cargo.  Despite this, we still value the importance of what started it all - shipping your precious packages to the Philippines. At Johnny Air Cargo you can rest assured your package is safe, secure, and delivered on time. With our network of branches we have the resources to deliver your package to almost all areas of the Philippines quickly and efficiently. And  at the lowest possible rates.
So hurry! We have just opened a new branch office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to especially serve you!
Come to the new Johnny Air Cargo Canada branch at 306 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, ON  M3H 1S8 and ship your packages now!

How to Ship

Shipping through Johnny Air Cargo Canada is made simple with our Pack, Weigh, and Ship.


A.) Pack your goods in an appropriate container or box and reinforce this as much as possible. Pay particular attention to protecting fragile and breakable items and ensure that they do not rattle inside your container.  


Note:  Remember that there are certain items that cannot be air shipped due to government regulations and we may need to open the package to confirm this. These regulations may be found under Important Notice below this page. 


Weigh your package and use the Shipping Rates guide included here to determine the cost of shipping your package to the Philippines.


Shipping cost will be  based on actual weight or Volume Weight, whichever is higher. Oversize packages, in particular, may be charged based on the Volume Weight. To get this, measure and multiply the package Length x Width x Height in inches and divide by 166.  Multiply this Volume Weight by the shipping rate per pound, e.g. x $8.00/lb for Metro Manila, to get the total cost to ship. Door to door Delivery cost is extra and may be found here.


Drop off your package at our conveniently located office near the corner of Bathurst and Wilson in Toronto, Ontario. We will weigh and measure this to find the total shipping cost and ship your package on the next scheduled flight.

Too far to come over to drop off your package? 


Ship your package through Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, DHL or any other delivery service and send this to us.  Address your package as follows:


Your Name

Johnny Air Cargo Canada

306 Wilson Avenue,

Toronto, ON M3H 1S8.  


Send an email to advising us of your incoming package and indicate the details of your shipment. Include package description, your sender contact information and the recipients delivery information.


Once we receive your package, we will advise you by email and provide the total shipping cost. You can then pay online through credit card, Paypal, or Interac eTransfer.  You can also pay COD at the branch or upon delivery plus 12% VAT. 


We will then ship your package quickly, safely and securely to the Philippines.   


Hurry and ship today!   Get 5% off your first shipment by Registering on our  site.



Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. and its customers are required to adhere to the Philippines, Canada, and other laws regulating export trade and shipping. Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. STRICTLY PROHIBITS shipments in any form of firearms/ammunitions, parts and accessories thereof (even with legal permits), hazardous materials, contraband, counterfeit merchandise and illegal drugs. In addition, Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. does not accept shipment of any goods requiring the issuance of a permit, certificate or other authorization required under the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) by the Trade Controls Bureau, the Export Controls Division (TIE) of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), or any other related regulatory agency unless, at the time the cargo is tendered, it is accompanied by all necessary licenses and other documentation. Customers are required to provide Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. with true and accurate information regarding product descriptions and values. Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. reserves the right to open all shipments to determine conformance to the above requirements. The customer must ensure that their goods meet all requirements under the law. Failure to do so could result in fines, detention or seizure of the goods by the CBSA. In addition to the above regulations, the customer needs to conform with the Philippine Bureau of Customs regulated, restricted, and prohibited list as indicated in  By placing cargo with Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc., the customer agrees to all of the above restrictions and conditions, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Johnny Air Cargo Canada Inc. for any fines, penalties, forfeitures or other costs arising from the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements.

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